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10 Red Handicap Tournament - Week 4 Update

WEEK 4 – ALL credit goes to this week’s entrants as another tournament saw some superb play with all those present displaying camaraderie of the highest order.

Performances of the Day:

WEEK 4 WINNER: Sam ‘Lightweight’ Betts

SUBSIDIARY WINNER: David ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ Church

HIGH BREAK: Jin ‘I Am Allowed Out’ Foulger


David G great long blue to the corner with the cue ball nudging the pink over the pocket

Alan G cued smoothly for a fabulous long range Pink

Alistair B Yellow down the rails with running side on the cue ball to land perfectly on the green

David C long range pot on a re-spotted Black to take the frame

Shane P for his stunning cut on the Green as David G could only look on in disbelief

Jon H with a fantastic Red down the rails

Lyndon with superb Red to the corner to land perfectly on the Pink

Sam B for a really outrageous long range Red down the rails


Jin missed what appeared to be a relatively straight-forward ‘Dolly’ red to the corner in the semi-finals only to walk away cursing to himself – it certainly started with a ‘W’ and ended with an ‘R’.


Sam ‘Buzzing’ Betts is this week’s winner as he looked determined to win after getting a very early night on Saturday – cough, splutter……lightweight!!, making breaks of 51 and 49 in consecutive frames against an in-form Jon H who never got the chance to shine.

David G took to the baize and demonstrated his long potting ability, although he certainly should have brought his binoculars with him as he started to twitch more than ‘Bill Oddie’ when in amongst the balls.

Andy H, who made a fantastic clearance of the colours to win the first frame of the quarter-finals certainly had his fair share of good fortune - a fluked red, black and even a round-the-house pink to win the match (I’m taking a note of his numbers if he plays the lottery that’s for sure).

Jin lost in the semi-finals to Alistair B after a ‘missed’ red cost him dearly – although we did wonder if this was his strategy as we were unsure as to whether he had permission to be out so late.

David ‘Del Boy’ C upped his game as his ‘Petite’ Parris cue saw him battle well to win the Subsidiary final against great cueist Michael H who certainly displayed some moments of despair.

Nice to see the ‘Ultra’ competitive Hubbard lads playing some great stuff, with Ben H being in the ‘form of his life’ but coming up short against strong opposition in the form of Jin F in the quarter-finals.


Jin wins this week’s high break prize with a great 55, almost Ronnie esq. as with the colours still remaining he goaded Sam by asking him “what is your highest break today?”, and then continued his clearance with a fine slammed black to beat Sam’s high break of the day.

Only 4 weeks left to go and what a great line-up we have so far: Orin ‘Drago’ Drake, Darren ‘Smooth’ Rix, Paul ‘Tiny Tip’ Parke and Sam ‘Fiddler’ Betts

Thanks to all those competing and attending - bring on week 5!!!

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