10 Red Handicap Tournament - Final

The BIG one!!! – Wow……what a final to a great tournament!! OVERALL WINNER: Orin ‘Drago’ Drake £200 RUNNER-UP & HIGH BREAK: Darren ‘Smooth’ Rix (48) £120 SEMI-FINALISTS: Paul ‘Tiny Tip’ Parke £50 Luke ‘Mr Angry’ Pinches £50 QUARTER FINALISTS: Reggie ‘The Bull’ Edwards £25 Andy ‘Hit Man’ Hubbard £25 (D.Church) Reggie ‘The Bull’ Edwards £25 Paul ‘Special’ Kay £25 DAY’S PLAY The 2017 10 Red Handicap Woodside Winner is Orin ‘Drago’ Drake who fought off tough contender Darren ‘Smooth’ Rix to take the trophy. Both players faced stiff competition as they made their way to the final with Orin D seeing off some tough competition fro

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