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Event One of the Woodside Billiards 6Max League Series got off to a flying start on Sunday 1st November 2020 . Three century breaks were made, 129 & 102 by Phillip Welham and a very happy Jamie Edwards made 103.

All six players in the Premier Division made over a 40 break in their matches, showing just how competitive billiards in Norfolk can be.


Ian Dennis 603 - 1120 Phillip Welham

Steve Wright 382 - 793 Nathan Mann

Jamie Edwards 867 - 573 Calvin Daws

Division One may not have produced the breaks seen in the Premier Division but it certainly didn't lack in excitement. The match between Chris Cator and an ever improving Harley Dyson (both pictured) saw their three hour battle came down to Chris using his years of tactical experience to just edge over the line a mere 7 points ahead.

Dean Bavister (pictured) made the highest break of 65.


Chris Cator 566 - 559 Harley Dyson

Mark Hill 263 - 648 Dean Bavister

Ade Evlin 574 - 515 Finley Brown

Due to government restrictions future events will be postponed for now - But we will be back!!

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