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Sunday 15th August seen the final matches of the Billiards 6Max Mini Series played and a champion crowned.

Rochy Woods was looking favourite to take the title at the start of the day having won all three of her matches so far. Her first match was against James Cross. However, a win from James would put him in contention of the title too, so both were keen to win. James came out the winner of a close match 236-211.

This left the final three matches leaving James, Rochy and Jack Easter (pictured) all in contention of the title. All three won their matches which meant the winner was to be decided on aggregate score difference throughout the series.


James Cross 236 - 211 Rochy Woods

Jack Easter 332 - 258 Darryl Newman

Rochy Woods 342 - 183 Andrew Coe

James Cross 437 - 203 Andrew Guymer

The Series couldn't have finished any closer, with just 1 point separating 1st and 2nd

Champion: Jack Easter

2nd Place: James Cross

3rd Place: Rochy Woods

4th Place: Darryl Newman

High Break: Jack Easter (62)

Thank you to our sponsors of this event:

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