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10 Red Handicap Tournament - Week 7 Update!

WEEK 7 – ANOTHER Amazing Turnout!! 22 entrants this week and we also welcome Roberto Facchini to the event.

Performances of the Day:

WEEK 7 WINNER: Luke ‘I Love The Pink’ Pinches

SUBSIDIARY WINNER: Ben ‘Hotshot’ Hubbard

HIGH BREAK: Jamie ‘The Guitar’ Edwards (56)

Reggie ‘Eyebrows’ Edwards


Ben H with a cue ball tight in the jaws of the pocket slams in a ridiculous long blue – class!


Luke ‘I Love The Pink’ Pinches is this week’s winner as he battled his way through the early rounds to meet a spirited Reggie ‘Eyebrows’ Edwards in the final. It was a tense affair that went down to the final frame pink and black - Luke P missing his first chance to pot the pink ‘cough’, only to fluke it at his second attempt and slam in a great black for the match.

Nice to see some Woodside Legends competing against each other - Ian ‘The Grip’ Measures and Gary ‘Trick Shot’ Griffin were drawn against each other in the quarter-finals with Gary G coming out the victor (must have been that pre-match removal of his sweater).

Roberto ‘Ferrari’ F made it through the preliminary round but found Dennis ‘The Menace’ H too hot to handle in his next match, whilst Shane S came up against Chris ‘Cena’ Zanone in the first round for the second week running and had to settle for second place – I’m sure this won’t last for long as he starts to settle in with his new cue.

Congratulations to Ben ‘Hotshot’ Hubbard who really did show the ‘form of his life’ throughout the day, potting some amazing balls and coming out a thoroughly deserved winner of the subsidiary final against Alan ‘Xbox’ G.

Last week this Sunday and the line-up we have to date: Orin ‘Drago’ Drake, Darren ‘Smooth’ Rix, Paul ‘Tiny Tip’ Parke, Sam ‘Fiddler’ Betts, David ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ Church, Paul ‘Special K’ Kay and Luke ‘I Love The Pink’ Pinches

Week 8 coming up – last chance saloon everyone!! £££££ to be won!!

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