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10 Red Handicap Tournament - Week 6 Update

WEEK 6WELL what a line up this week!! 22 entrants and seeing some quality players picking up that strange piece of wood again – welcome Ian Measures, Jamie Edwards, Matt Green and Paul Kay.

Performances of the Day:

WEEK 6 WINNER: Paul ‘Special’ Kay

SUBSIDIARY WINNER: Jamie ‘The Guitar’ Edwards

HIGH BREAK: Nick ‘The Ice Man’ Spelman & Jamie ‘The Guitar’ Edwards (51)


Matty with a slammed pink down the rails to land perfectly on the black


Paul ‘Special’ Kay is this week’s winner as he knocked out some ‘Big Guns’ with some great long potting and all round match play. Nick ‘The Ice Man’ Spelman made the final for the second week running only to find ‘Special K’ being too much for breakfast.

Reggie ‘Shaken but not stirred’ E was unlucky again as he lost another final frame black ball decider in the opening round.

Alan ‘Xbox’ G looked to be in good nick as he knocked in a nice 42 in the quarter-finals, but came up against a competitive Gary G who managed to stop him in his tracks with some strong match play.

Luke P must also get a mention as he faced Paul K in the semis, only to miss another infamous ‘Pink’ to win the match. Let’s just hope that he sorts out potting the pink in future!! ;)

I must mention The Hubbard brothers as Ben ‘The Boxer’ Hubbard was smashing it up in the first round against Lyndon who never managed to get in his stride. Jon H looked to be cueing nicely but unfortunately had to forfeit his match due to other commitments and last but certainly not least a mention for Andy H, who yet again made another final and is proving to be the most consistent player in the tournament so far.

Well done to Jamie Edwards who won the subsidiary final against Andy H, showing some glimpses of the past as his cueing improved throughout the evening – I think he was wondering at one point who had taken his strings?!?!


Nick S and Jamie E share the spoils this week with a high break of 51.

Only 2 weeks left to go and what a great line-up we have so far: Orin ‘Drago’ Drake, Darren ‘Smooth’ Rix, Paul ‘Tiny Tip’ Parke, Sam ‘Fiddler’ Betts, David ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ Church, Paul ‘Special K’ Kay

The finals are not far away now!

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