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10 Red Handicap Tournament - Week 5 Update

WEEK 5ANOTHER fantastic week as 16 entrants turned up to commence battle on the baize – and what a day it was!

Performances of the Day:

WEEK 5 WINNER: David ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ Church

SUBSIDIARY WINNER: Stephen ‘I Don’t Look Like Borat’ Reid

HIGH BREAK: Nick ‘The Ice Man’ Spelman (85)


David C steamed in Black in the final frame of the evening


Stephen R missed a red by 2 ft in the very first frame of the day to go up and down the table and IN


Stephen R missed the whole Green ball and slammed into the Black, a valuable 7 points for his opponent


David ‘Head Down’ Church is this week’s winner as he played some sublime snooker as the evening went on with some ‘super-smooth’ cueing to beat a true warrior in the form of Andy H in the final. Andy H squandered a few chances that he wouldn’t ordinarily miss which allowed David C to pounce on like Del Boy would buying some hooky gear to wrap the match up with some great potting.

Nick ‘The Ice Man’ Spelman turned out for the occasion and was his consistent usual self - making it all the way through to the semi-finals where he met David C, who put in one of his best performances to date to win the closely fought match 2-1.

Reggie ‘Selfie’ E was very unlucky in his first round match as he lost a final frame black ball decider against David C.

The ‘Tournament Generator’ also created some exciting first round draws with the ‘Hubbard’ brothers and the ‘Sturridge’ Dynamic Duo coming face-to-face – nothing like some good old- fashioned family rivalry to get the blood pumping.

Stephen ‘Craig David’ Reid has certainly improved his game this year as he played some quality snooker, beating Geoffrey Smith in the semi-final and David G in the subsidiary final – well done Steve and let’s see if you can repeat this feat in 7 Days!!!


Darryl Newman has kindly agreed to ref the finals on 12th March so many thanks to him for agreeing to do so – it will be smart dress code for the finals.


Nick S wins this week’s high break prize with a clinical 85 in the semi-finals – absolute class.

Only 3 weeks left to go and what a great line-up we have so far: Orin ‘Drago’ Drake, Darren ‘Smooth’ Rix, Paul ‘Tiny Tip’ Parke, Sam ‘Fiddler’ Betts and David ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ Church.

It’s coming down to the crunch now – who will join them? Week 6 awaits!!

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