10 Red Handicap Tournament - Week 3 Update

WEEK 3 – A GREAT tournament again this week with an electric atmosphere to boot and more new entrants taking to the green baize – welcome Shane S, Michael H, Dennis H, Paul P and Lee H.

We had 18 entries this week and this looks set to increase, so please be aware that in the event of this happening again there will be a 1 frame preliminary shoot-out to decide who gets through to the last 16 (players will be selected @ random).

Performances of the Day

WEEK 3 WINNER: Paul Parke


HIGH BREAK: Sam ‘The Fiddler’ Betts (44)


Sam ‘The Fiddler’ B stunning Pink down the rails with screw and l/h side to get back for the Black

(‘The Fiddler I hear you ask??’ – if you see him down the club then ask him as I’m sure he’ll explain!!)

Shane P for his Mark Williams under-hand shot on the Green

Andy H great mid-range Brown into a blind pocket

Luke P for his Brown with left-hand side coming round off 5 cushions for the next red

David ‘Del Boy’ C for his screw back on the black when close to the side cushion

Dennis H fine cut on the Pink to land perfectly on the black for the frame

Paul P pressure Black for the semi-final win


Sam ‘Bottled Black’ Betts missed a relatively easy black to reach the final


Paul Parke is this week’s winner as his Higgins esq. fighting qualities saw him win a hard fought battle against the legend that is Geoffrey ‘Terry Griffiths’ Smith, potting blue, pink and black to take the first frame by just 3 points. All credit goes to Geoffrey though, who has certainly been the most consistent player over the past 3 weeks, making it through to one quarter-final and two finals.

Simon H potted some great balls and battled well to win the Subsidiary final against newcomer Shane S, who seemed to be finding his form throughout the evening until a moment of ‘Marvel Madness’ in the 3rd frame cost him the final - he took on a black after potting a yellow that I can only assume he thought was a red so perhaps he should have gone to ‘Spec Savers’.

Both semi-finals were a battle with Geoffrey outwitting Dennis H, whilst Paul P was on the table next door cueing smoothly to pot the final black under pressure after Sam’s astonishing miss.

Sam Betts played at ‘Rocket’ pace in the quarter-finals and if you blinked you certainly would miss it as he quickly dispatched Lyndon - Lyndon could only look on as ‘The Fly’ buzzed around the table.

New entrant Lee Hodge showed glimpses of form and gets a mention as he wins the integrity award for calling a foul on himself when in amongst the balls - a real testament to see such sportsmanship.

The Hubbard lads turned out in force and they all seemed to be cueing well as their competitive spirit started to shine through, each of them displaying varying degrees of frustration - Jon H actually turned a shade of ‘Hulk Green’ as ‘Lady Luck’ seemed to desert him after potting the black for the frame only to go in/off and lose it.


Sam wins this week’s high break prize with a quick-fire 44.

Luke Pinches, last week’s high break winner narrowly missed out as he missed a brown off the spot whilst on a break of 41 but I must say he certainly seems to be comfortable ‘in amongst the balls’ at the minute.

David ‘Del Boy’ Church certainly didn’t get his cue from the Peckham Market that’s for sure, as he and his new ‘Parris’ seem to be working wonders as I watched him cue a fantastic black from the side cushion to land perfectly on the next red on his way to a great break of 39.

With only 5 weeks left to go, I’m intrigued to see who will fill the remaining line-up?

Again a massive thanks to you all and I hope you’re all enjoying the event!

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