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10 Red Handicap Tournament - Week 1 Update

Wow – What a tournament that was!!!! The 10 red format was well received and it was a pleasure to spend the evening with such a great bunch.

Performances of the Day:

WEEK 1 WINNER: Orin Drake

Orin Drake ran out the overall winner as he played some ‘Jimmy White esq’ shots throughout the day. Orin cued smoothly as he knocked in a flamboyant break of 66, whilst Grant Miles was on the table next to him knocking in what was to be the highest break of the day with a sublime 77.

Geoffrey Smith, who at 89 years of age played some outstanding snooker, making his way to the final by beating favourites Luke Pinches and an in-form Grant Miles in the semi-finals with a solid break of 31 in the deciding frame.

Andy Hubbard played solid match-play snooker throughout the day with some outstanding long pots as he made his way through to the semi-finals, only to meet the flying Orin Drake who was playing at a pace that quite frankly made Tony Drago look like a tortoise.

Stephen Reid and Jin Foulger had a close match in the first round, with Jin making a couple of 40+ breaks only to miss a couple of crucial balls that would have seen him through to the next round.

Sam Betts, one of the favourites for the tournament turned up for the day announcing his right to the throne, only to meet the in-form Andy Hubbard who potted a fantastic Brown and Blue which led to Sam’s early exit – I’m sure he will be back to the practice table and eager to improve next week.

I would like to say a massive thank-you to all those attending and I must say it was a real pleasure to watch – so now let’s look forward to some new entrants and Week 2.

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