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Peradon Comet ¾ Jointed 8 Ball Pool Cue with Mini Butt (made to order)


The Comet is made with a carefully selected ash shaft, expertly hand spliced ebony butt.  It is fitted with a solid brass, reverse action, “quick-action” joint 16" from the butt so that the shaft or the butt end will accept the included 6" mini butt.  The Comet is fitted with a reverse quick action joint and a threaded butt end allowing the player to remove the bottom 16" and add the mini butt directly onto the shaft.  This creates a beautifully balanced cue when playing in restricted spaces and with the butt fitted, the mini butt can be fitted to the butt joint extending the cue by 6".


The Comet is just one of a collection of English made cues with an 8 to 8.5mm Elkmaster tips for English 8 ball pool.



  • Length: 57"
  • Length with Mini Butt: 63"
  • Weight: 17oz
  • Tip: 8 to 8.5 mm.

PERADON Comet ¾ Jointed 8 Ball Pool Cue with Mini Butt

Available Soon....
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