Cue Craft Marksman Heritage Snooker Cue.


Part of the Heritage range of Cue Craft Snooker Cues. Individually hand spliced and hand finished making each Marksman snooker cue unique. The butt of the Marksman snooker cue is made of solid ebony which gives it a naturally balanced weight.


Each Marksman snooker cue is fitted with the best quality straight grained American ash wood shaft. All timber is hand selected and then rested for several months to ensure the best possible conditions for accuracy and reliability. The Silk Line finish gives the best quality and is unsurpassed at creating a glide and feel for lasting player confidence. The solid brass semi-quick release joint is featured in all the Professional Cue Craft Cue Range requires just two complete revolutions to separate the cue.A Brass mini butt joint is fitted to the butt of the cue.



  • Length: 55-60 inches
  • Weight: 17.5-19oz
  • Tip: 8-10 mm
  • Tip make: Elkmaster


Please Note: Cues made to your specifications may take 4-6 weeks to be delivered. 

CUECRAFT Marksman Heritage Snooker Cue

Tip Size
Joint Option

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